This recording presents a delightful collection of  popular music from 18th Century America. Included  are dances, airs, marches, and songs sung and  performed on fiddle, whistles, mandolin, and six  string and English Guitars.  Bellisle March / Wheels of the World  Alloa House, or Love After Marriage Liberty The Bold Shepherd Congress Minuet / Sir Charles Sedley's Jenny Nettles / Mullin Dhu  The Tailor and The Teachest Three Country Dances Farewell / Gillikrankie The Lass of Patieís Mill British Grenadiers / Lovely Nancy / The Brick Maker The World Turned Upside Down Logan Water / O'Carolan's Draught Lilli Burlero / Fisher's Hornpipe How Stands The Glass Around / Soldier's Joy © 2012 Larry Young All Rights Reserved Our group was originally formed as an impromptu  trio to fill an extra performance slot at the Salem  Maritime Festival. Adding John Roberts' solo to the  local duo of John Rockwell and Larry Young, we  discovered in serendipitous fashion that we enjoyed  playing music together as a threesome. Occasionally  at first, but now on a more regular basis, we sing  and play the music of the sea with a spiritual home  port of Salem, Massachusetts.   The 'Fame' of Salem Marcherot The Steam Packet Wings of a Goney Pique Ia Baleine Three Jolly Fishermen Jack Robinson Old Billy Riley-0 Hourra les Filles Serafina Rolling Down to Old Maui Yangtse River Chantey Tile 'Balaena' Hullabaloo Belay You Gentlemen of Boston Nantucket Point/Off She Goes Noah's Ark Chantey ‘Jamestown' Homeward Bound Yes, the Puritans sang and danced. Here there be the  broadside ballads and English Country dances of the  Mass. Bay Colony artfully sung and performed on  recorder, violin, baroque guitar and virginals  All in a Garden Green/ The Slip/ The Merry Milkmaids New England's Annoyances Greensleeves Some Meditations Concerning our Honourable Gentlemen A Friendly Invitation to a New Plantation An Italian Rant/ Newcastle Barbara Allen Prince Rupert's March/ Argeers/Parson's Farewell The Downfall of Piracy Henry Lebedinsky - viginal Larry Young - fiddle, baroque guitar and vocals Michael Albert - recorder, fiddle and vocals Glenn Mairo  - percussion